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MS&HS Flag Raising Ceremony

      This week MS&HS had a flag raising ceremony, the weather is so beautiful, and everyone enjoyed that. The student representatives Peter and Leo from American High School gave a speech about the origin of Double Ninth Festival.
       The traditional Chinese festival Double Ninth Festival will take place on 28th October. Everyone learned a lot from the speech, and looking forward to celebrate it. China is one of the countries that has the longest history in this world, and also has a lot of traditional festivals. These festivals have a long historical standing as well.
      These festivals include the Spring Festival, Tomb Sweeping Day, the Dragon Boat Festival, the Mid-autumn Festival and so-on. These traditional festivals are so important because they are a part of our culture. They are all in lunar calendar, this really make our country be different from others. Some of the festivals remind us of our history, some are about interesting legend.
We should really keep our brilliant culture, and one way is to celebrate our traditional festivals.