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Student Speech 

Good morning, everyone. Today, we will talk about Halloween. Most of people must be familiar with it which has become one of the most popular festivals in numerous countries. I believed everyone enjoyed activities on last Friday. But do you really know Halloween?
At first, it is celebrated to praise autumn. So it falls on the late autumn. It also has another legend. Since a long time ago, Halloween has been connected with the ghosts. People considered that the ghosts who had no home to go will go out for food on the night of October, 31. No matter this story was true or not. People will feel afraid only for hearing it. So they decided to have celebration on that day. They will light up lights to frighten the ghosts.
       However, after a long time, Halloween become the day mainly for kids. Every Halloween children will put on strange masks and frightening costumes. Most children will make themselves become the monster or hero in the movie that they like. When they finish the make up, they will carry bags from house to house to play the game, “Trick or treat”. The adults will put the treat candy into their bags. Thus, Halloween is the most favorable festival for children. Also for adults.
       Be careful for the tooth decay when you eat candies. Meanwhile, there is only one day to reach the next month, plz preparing for the upcoming Thanksgiving Day.