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Technology in the Classroom

      In today’s globalized world we are finding the need to use technology on a more daily basis. In the school and classroom setting, technology can be used as an additional resource to help the students learn and grow. In the high school we use many forms of technology. Computers, iPads and Electronic Dictionaries are a few of them. With the correct implementation, technology can benefit the students. Books and traditional teaching materials are still important, but the technology being used to study can help the students to see a positive use for these things as well. Students can use the dictionaries to help look up words at a faster pace. In an ESL environment the students learn many new words a day. Computers and iPads can allow for access to the Internet where students can enhance their learning experience. There are also many applications that can be used as supplemental learning material to help to broaden the learning experience. Technology can be a positive factor in a child’s learning environment; it just needs to be implemented correctly.