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Shuren Dyned English Talent Competition

      December 21st Shuren has successfully completed the English Talent Competition with the DynEd company.
      There are 3 phases in this tournament, including the first round, semi final and the final. In the first round all students from Grade 4 to 12 have taken DynEd placement tests and the excellent ones went on to the semi-finals. In the semi-finals students took videos of their presentation and had parents and teachers vote on our Wechat Platform. The students with the most votes went on to the finals.


      During the finals, we invited Shuren Vice-Principal Mr. Gu, Irina Zhurenko the International curriculum principal, MS and HS administrative principal Matthew Mead, Phoebe Wang the MS directress, Primary School Directresses Chai Lin and Liu Shuming, Student Government Leader Yang Mingyang and Norm Harris, the international education manager of DynEd. All students and teachers from grade 4 to 12 were the audience. Participants performed their best skills and demonstrated our ESL education results. 


      The finals were completed in three steps, talent show, self-introduction and Q&A by judges. Based on the scores that judges gave, there were two Top Prizes, 6 Second Place Prizes and 8 Third Place Prizes awarded.
      After the wonderful singing performed by the middle school girls, we moved to the exciting awarding ceremony. 27 students have received the A1+ certificate authenticated by DynEd, 21 students have been awarded as “DynEd Excellent Students”; Top Prizes of this final were given to Li Xinai and Terry Su Shengxun. Judges gave certificates and awards to all students. Congratulations!

      Through this competition, Shuren’s ESL education has been wonderfully demonstrated and our teachers’ efforts have been highly recognized. We sincerely wish all Shuren students can achieve more in their future studying.