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Spirit Day
   This year Beijing Shuren – Ribet private school has started a new tradition - Spirit Days.  During spirit days, students get a chance to dress up to fit the day's theme.  On April the 24th the middle school celebrated a Future Day – our students dressed up as the occupation they would like to be when they grow up.  
  The key question was: “How do you see yourself in ten, twenty, or even thirty years?” It’s necessary to have a clear vision to make steps toward a future goal and make one’s dreams come true.
   Everyone was excited, preparing a uniform and creating an image of the future self. There were many occupations presented on that day – a doctor, a chef, a photographer, a teacher, and others. Also, participants made a self- presentation, explaining the choice of the future career.
   Some of them decided to follow their parents’ career path, while others dream of converting their hobbies and talents into a profession. This activity made our students think about their future career and inspired them to set a future goal.