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Earth Day 2018

      On Friday April 20th Shuren-Ribet celebrated Earth Day 2018 by having an Earth Day event. This year the Middle School and High School planned 4 different activities for the students of other departments to participate in. The first activity was a recycling game. On campus we have bins for paper, plastic and trash. It is important that everyone learns how to use them and where certain rubbish should go. A quick and fun game helps the students to remember which bins to use. The second activity was the recycle fashion show. Students had to design and build an outfit out of completely recycled/used materials. They then had the chance to walk across the stage and let the teachers judge the different creative ideas. It was fun seeing all the awesome outfits the students were able to come up with. The third activity was newspaper origami, where students learned to reuse newspaper to create (XXXXXXXX). They even had some ideas of their own! Finally the last activity was a wall painting activity. Every year we like to get the students outside during the beautiful spring weather and help design and paint something that will stay on campus for a long time. This year we chose a project on the playground wall. All the students were able to leave their handprint on the wall giving a more personal touch to their hard work. It was a fun and sunny day, and all the students had a blast! Happy Earth Day 2018!