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Career Spirit Day
    On Wednesday, May 16th the hallways of Beijing Shuren-Ribet International Primary looked bright and colorful. It’s Career Spirit Day! What do you want to be? A police officer? A businessman? Students came to school dressed up as their desired career choice and let teachers and their friends guess. We all were surprised to see so many creative ideas! Way to go! 


    Alice and Lisa want to be dancers. So pretty! 


Michelle wants to be a surgeon! We’ll be in good hands! 

John and Lucas will be businessmen. 

    Dory’s dream is to be a reporter. 

   Can you guess what Jason wants to be? 

    “It’s common to think that in primary school a child’s career choice is the furthest thing from parents’ and teachers’ minds. We talk more often about grades and academic accomplishments at this point. That doesn’t mean we can’t add career choice to the list of things to start thinking about. Primary school may be a great time to begin exploring the different aspects of many different jobs,” says Cheryl, 4th grade homeroom teacher.  


“As they say, passion is the difference between having a job and having a career. So great to see our children feeling passionate about different occupations!” adds Tamara, 1st grade homeroom teacher. 

    Sophia, Lisa and Tina have such kind hearts! They want to be nurses and help people! 

    Nancy, Rick, Daisy, Jerry, Daisy, Michael, Jessy and Steven want to keep us safe and be police officers.

Davina and Lemon want to be flight attendants and visit different parts of the world! 

   Cathy and Raon see their career in aviation as well. They came dressed as pilots. “You can be my co-pilot!” Cathy says to her classmate.  

    It was tough to guess David’s choice. He gave us a hint. He wants to be an author! 


    “Small children are only exposed to a small number of occupations, as teachers or doctors. While reading about different occupations in a book may be easier, it can also be not as exciting. Children like to learn things by experiencing them. Career Spirit Day is a great way to give children more ideas about all the available career choices!” comments Irina, International Curriculum Headmaster. 

    Aaron had an interesting career choice. He wants to be a archaeologist. 

    Joe wants to be a soccer player! We’ll root for you! 

   Meet Eva, she’s a future fashion designer! 

    Eric and Albert dream of going to the Moon. 


    Good job kids! May all your dreams come true! We teachers will support you every step of the way!