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Collaborating for Improving Learning
Irina & John

  Would you go to a doctor who stopped learning 20 years ago? And even 10? Probably not… In medical field, there’re always new research, technology, and inventions appearing.

    The field of education is no different. It’s ever-growing and dynamic. There are new research findings on how students learn best published almost every day, new technology tools for the classrooms, new curricula resources, and more.
     It’s important for teachers to keep up-to-date with these innovations. An inspired teacher equals an inspired student. Professional Development Training at a school is a great opportunity for teachers to collaborate, share experiences, learn from best practices, and each other.

    At Beijing Shuren-Ribet Private School, ongoing professional development for teachers is an important part of educational philosophy. Monthly trainings throughout the academic year create powerful opportunities for collaboration and drive the educational improvement process. 

Spaced Learning, Interleaving, Inquiry-Based Approach, 

    On Tuesday, May 22nd, teachers have attended the training The Science of Learning and explored the options cognitive science offers to improve classroom practice.

    “Modern research has much to offer. There are interesting findings about the benefits of spaced learning, interleaving, inquiry-based approach, and ways to minimize the forgetting curve,” shares Irina, International Curriculum Headmaster.
     Teacher Tamara, International Grade 1 homeroom teacher, is anxious to implement these strategies and ideas in her classroom.

    “It’s great to be a part of an institution that creates a community of learners, both students and teachers. Professional development allows teachers to interact with colleagues from other departments in order to improve their own teaching,” comments Cheryl, International Primary homeroom teacher, and adds that she loves hearing about colleagues’ different approaches. 

    “With so much information available online, our jobs as teachers are changing from helping students learn facts to helping students process and critically analyze all available information. It’s important to stay up-to-date with the current research about effective ways to do so,” says Matt Hansen, High School Social Studies teacher.

    Among the benefits of professional development Matthew Mead, High School director, lists the opportunity for teachers to work in teams. When teachers discuss a topic as potentially controversial as assessments, the team learns from each other.
    This training is one out of the series of workshops that we offer throughout the semester. Since the beginning of the academic year teachers have had the chance to explore such topics as Innovative Classroom Management Techniques, Character Education, Innovative Education Systems Around the World and more.

    “I am still learning,” said Michelangelo at age 87. Very true! Education isn’t something you can finish. It’s important to always keep learning! With this in mind, our team of teachers at Beijing Shuren-Ribet School strives to instill the same love of learning in our students.