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A Day for All Children

Irina & John  
    It’s June 1st today and the first day of a long-awaited summer! Since 1925, on the first day of the sunshine season we celebrate a big holiday – International Children’s Day!
    This holiday is special in many ways. On one hand, it is a chance to emphasize the importance of caring for and protecting the well-being of our future, our precious children.
On another, it’s a chance for adults to relive the beautiful moments of the most unforgettable stage of our lives, childhood, and make sure that we do everything possible for our children to have a wonderful time of youth as well.
    Hundreds of activities are organized in schools throughout the world to celebrate childhood, life and joy. Children play, laugh, sing, dance, and smile as they should, thus we often associate the word childhood with words “fun”, “happy”, and “cheerful”.  However, in all the holiday hassle it may be easy to forget that there are some children who may not have all of this.

    As part of our commitment to community service and building a better future for all children throughout the world, Beijing Shuren-Ribet Private School has cooperated for many years with the Sunshine Home in Songzhuang, a center for disadvantaged children.
    This year, members of Student Council in International Primary have brought up a concern that children at the center may not have as many opportunities for learning and will greatly benefit from toys and games that enrich thinking and create learning environment. In an effort to ensure that all children have a chance to boost joyous memories about their childhood, including children at the center, the students in our International Primary have called to participate in a “gently used item” gift donation.

    Many students met the idea with enthusiasm and brought educational board games, chess, checkers, building and alphabet blocks, puzzles, and more to share with children in the Sunshine Home. On Friday, June 1st, members of our Student Council have delivered the collected items to children at the center.

    Many thanks to all the participants, children and their families, for your contribution to the cause!

    “Every child is a different kind of flower. All together they make this world a beautiful garden”.