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Message of June

    Good morning dear school admins, teachers and students.

    June is like a beautiful poem that whispered by our campus. It starts from the International Children’s day. Today I wish all students and young pioneers had a wonderful day, and also express my greatest respect to Shuren’s teacher and staffs.  
    On the Children’s day, shuren’s kids and adults gathered together to celebrate this holiday with singing, dancing, performing, playing, partying and exchanging gifts. There was a cheerful vibe covering our campus.
    However, if everyone knows the origin of the Children’s Day?
    In June 1942, The German Nazi killed over 140 male citizens and all infants in a Czech village, and put all women and 90 children into their concentration camps. In order to mourn for all children that were killed in wars, and to promote the protection of children’s rights, in November 1949, the International Democratic Women Federation decided to make every June 1st a day for all children around the world, it’s the International Children’s Day.
    We wish all children could be happy, healthy and lucky as you are. “Fill Shuren with Love” as been the principal that we followed for years. On May 12th 2008, 126 Sichuan students lost their home from the WenChuan Earthquake. Then President Wang made Shuren as their new home, all of our students and staffs accompanied them to make through the helpless time. 10 years later, these Sichuan students have continued to preach the spirit of Shuren in their own lives. 
    June is a time of showing grateful. We are definitely fortunate comparing to those kids who lost their home from the earthquake. We should thank our parents who give us the unconditional love; we should thank our school for provides us this vigor learning environment; we should thank our teachers for caring us and helping us, thank our peers for their tolerance of our shortcomings, thank the love that student displayed through the donation event, thank the world for the everything that it offers us. 
    June is also the time of rewarding. There are exams scheduled in this month: Grade 6 graduation test, Grade 9 high school entry test, Grade 12 graduation and the upcoming final tests. Although there’s no much time left, we should be confident and prepare ourselves with the best effort. We will prove our learning result, reward teacher and parents care with excellent grades. I believe your success will be the most beautiful flower blooming in this month. 
    Last, June is the season of saying goodbye. This might be the last Shuren Campus-wide Flag Raising for many K3, Grade6, Grade 9 and 12 students. Those days that we spent here will be the most beautiful and valuable time in our lives. It would be like a thick book that records everybody’s success and failures, laughter and tear. At this moment, I sincerely hope our graduates can pass your excellent learning habits, skills and disciplines to everyone else. 
    Let’s move forward in June, and perform a happy song of future that we will never regret. Today we prepare our wings for flying to the sky tomorrow! Let’s be prepared for new challenges and new achievements!