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Hello Summer!

    Seasons change 4 times a year, but for some of them we wait for with much anticipation. For children, summer is definitely at the top of the list and it’s not surprising! It has so much to offer us!

    When June comes, it means summer vacation is not far away. It means hot weather so children can swim, play outdoors with friends, or relax by the beach. It also means lighter clothes which is much more comfortable.  It means fresh fruits, ice cream and endless fun!

    Students at Shuren-Ribet International Primary share their thoughts on why summer is the best season.  

    “I like summer because I can go to the sea with my family,” says Angel from 2 B.

   Irene from 3A adds that she likes going to the beach, too!

“I love playing in the sand. Summer is fun!” shares Davina from 1A.


   William and many other students in 3A shout, “Ice Cream!”

    “I like traveling! In summer, we always travel,” comments Two from 2B.

    Elaine from 1A likes summer because her birthday is in June.

    Her classmate Sophia adds, “I like to blow soap bubbles in the summer, but I don’t like mosquitoes.”

    So true! To celebrate and embrace the spirit of summer season, on Wednesday, June 13th the students at Shuren-Ribet International Primary celebrated Hawaiian Spirit Day. They came to school wearing bright dresses, T-shirts, sunglasses, and fun summer hats.

    “So bright and colorful! Definitely the perfect recipe to stay charged during the final weeks of school!’ comments Tamara, first grade homeroom teacher.

    “When everyone is burned out and thinking mostly about summer, picnics and vacation time, a spontaneous celebration and happy smiles may be just what’s needed to inspire children for the extra push of effort before the final exams,” adds Gabriela, third grade homeroom teacher.  

Hello summer! We’re ready!