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Shuren-Ribet High School Community Service

    After the Dragon-boat Festival, Shuren-Ribet High School is going into the final week. All high school students have been burnt out throughout the last two weeks of reviewing. They definitely need some help to change their mindsets and calm themselves down. 
    On June 15 2018, Friday, 10 Shuren HS students went to the Tongzhou Care Center lead by Matthew Mead the high school director and other 3 teachers. 
    The Tongzhou Care Center has been established for 16 years, it’s a special organization for unfortunate and disabled people from age 5 to 40 with providing daycare, treatment and training services. It has been an importance character education partner of the Shuren-Ribet School. Last June 9th was the first time that Shuren High School students came to here; today we came back again to offer our efforts to those kids who are helped by here. 
    Before the event, Mrs.Chang, the director and founder of the Care Center, introduced their work experience and meaning to us, and encouraged our students to interact with their kids. Then we divided students into 3 groups to take care of 3 jobs: clean the courtyard, remove grass and weeds, and clean the cafeteria. 
    Each student had a role and a tool to work. Everybody includes teachers had made contributions to the charity cause of the Care Center.
    It was a quiet and simple environment for students to make effort and get returns. Students got an opportunity to put their studying stress away, genuinely feel the love, cooperation and responsibility that taught by the volunteering. They have their tired minds refreshed and also earned a valuable one hour service experience. 
    The competition is getting more intense nowadays. If a student wants to get enrolled by the favorite university, has to compete with thousands of peers; and in the future when the science and technology get more advanced, human has to compete with robots or AI. How to make our students successful? A key is enhancing their social skills and characters which could be effectively practiced through the volunteer work. It will inspire students love and confidence, and will be very important to their future.