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 The Science of Bubbles

    On Friday, June 15th the students of International grade one invited kindergarteners for a Science lesson on the chemistry of bubbles.

   “First-graders love science! It’s about observation, experimentation, investigation and discovery all of which children love to do at this age,” comments teacher Tamara, first grade homeroom teacher.

    “Why do bubbles pop? Why is a bubble round? Why do bubbles sometimes stick together?
    When light shines onto a bubble it appears to change color. Why? These were some of the questions the students have asked,” shares Irina, International Curriculum Headmaster.

   Sophia, a student from One A, did a good job giving step-by-step instructions.

   “Now you need to add some sugar. Mix and mix until the sugar is dissolved,” she says.


   Her partner Leah demonstrates. “Be careful! Don’t spill the soap bubble liquid,” she adds.

   The students had so much fun mixing the ingredients for the bubble solution!


   Here’s the recipe if you’d like to try making them at home:
    2 cups of water
    4 tablespoons of sugar
    1/2 cup of dishwashing liquid
     some Jello powder
   You can make the bubble wand from a pipe cleaner.

   Now, grab your bubbles and get ready for some fun, fun, fun!