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 Words for the Teacher's Day

Wang Jianchao

    Today we are celebrating the 34th Teacher’s Day. Shuren-Ribet School has finished its 25th year of history, and entered the 26th school year.

    After 25 years, most of the founders of Shuren-Ribet have left, but I’m glad to see the third generation of “Shuren” is now playing a significant role here. The road is bumpy, but Shuren’s campus will always be alive.

    What does “Shuren” mean? And why every year do I repeat our school mission of “Three faces, two skills and one target”? Because that’s the route which we have followed and the soul that we have maintained for 25 years.

    “Three faces” (education should face modernization, face the world and face the future) is the space of Shuren Education. Modernization stands for the height, world means the width, and future represents the length. It demonstrates the universe, the mind, and the heart of our education.

    “Two skills” (cultivate the skill of self-reliance in the society, and the skill to serve the society) is the cornerstone of Shuren Education. It is our basic definition of education. It tells us not only the value of education, but the sacred mission of educators. It means each one of our graduates can be independent in society and are able to serve society.

    “One target” (foster new talents with Chinese traditional merits and modern civilization qualities) is the flag of Shuren Education. It shows the original vision and the dream of Shuren’s founders, and also represents the most creative and courageous mission of Shuren. To achieve this target, Shuren-Ribet has strived for 25 years to combine eastern and western education.

    Today we are looking back to the 25-year history, and look forward to the future. What can we learn?

    1. Teaching is not only a job, but a career is worth the devotion of our youth and life, which could be called a “career of a lifetime”. Only the one who has a “career of a lifetime” can strive for innovation, fight for their field, and gain happiness and achievement from their efforts.

    2. To be mentors, but not pedagogues. Chairman Xi requests every one of us “not to be pedagogues that simply teach content knowledge from textbooks, but to be mentors who foster good character, behavior and taste”. The reason why mentors are different from pedagogues is they don’t stay in the past and only teach old knowledge. We are here to teach students but not simply read books to them. This is an era that changes by each passing day, we teachers must be responsible for students’ future, since we are teaching the talents of our future. Thus, the major target of our job should be cultivate student’s character, learning skills and excellent thinking skills; but not just memorizing answers.

    3. Professionally self-development. “To be mentors who foster good character, behavior and taste”, this means teachers should influence and guide students with excellent work ethic. The time that each student can spend on campus is limited, and also the knowledge that a teacher can teach to students is limited. What can really influence students are teacher’s merits, charm and role modeling. Only teachers who love learning and have considerable knowledge base can make real difference to their students.

    These are the words that I want to express to every Shuren’s teacher and staff, and I wish everyone had a good Teacher’s Day! Look forward to our new achievements in this new school year!