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9.21 Newsletter 

Dear Parents,
    It is my pleasure to write my first newsletter to all of you to inform you of the successful opening of the 2018-2019 school year at Shuren-Ribet Private School. So you are aware, you will receive this official school newsletter each Friday afternoon, all year long. Be sure to share it with family and friends so everyone knows about the great things happening at school.
    We are all very pleased with the opening of school.  It has been so refreshing to see the excitement in the eyes of the children returning to campus for another year of learning together.  We started the year with a full school flag raising ceremony where we discussed our learning goals and how we all promised to be, “Good School Citizens,” everyday, all year.

First Flag-raising Ceremony

New First Graders 


International Kindergarten 

New Cafeteria 

After School Activities 
    Activities and clubs began in Monday for all students. Students across the school are involved in a variety of sport activities as well as clubs. Some of these include: animation, dance, badminton, chess, sinology, vocabulary, chorus, outdoor games, cooking, math, literature, taekwondo and much more. Students can now sign up for their activities on-line. If your child was unable to get into the activity of their choice, rest assured that activities will change again in November and students will have another opportunity to make their activity choices. Thank you to all the teachers for organizing these exciting activities!

Root&Shoot Environment Club

Primary Parent Meeting 
    On September 14th, we had a successful Primary Parent Meeting in our gymnasium. Here, we discussed the forward direction of the school as well as many other topics. These large parent meetings are informative and help to build our community. More parent meetings like this will be coming in the near future.

Academic Principal Mr.Zheng

Parent Ambassadors 
    At the Primary Parent Meeting, we asked for parents to volunteer to be a part of the Parent Ambassador Group.  This is a group of parents who will meet with administrators and teachers monthly to discuss school issues.  Please note that we had many parents volunteer to be on the council. Unfortunately, we cannot choose everyone who kindly volunteered. Any parents of Middle or High School students who would also like to volunteer to be a Parent Ambassador should contact the school at

International Primary 
    The students in International Primary have combined art with learning this week, making crafts that teach them about Native American culture. They’ve used feathers to make a headband and newspaper to make their own beaded necklace. 
Health and Safety  
    Last week, we had our first full school emergency evacuation drill. It is important that all students practice evacuating the buildings in the unlikely event of a school emergency. We are working closely with government officials to ensure that all necessary safety precautions are taken to ensure the safety of all on campus. Also, so you are aware, a new Health and Safety Committee has been formed to oversee all safety issues on campus. 

Teacher Professional Development
    Teaching staff continue to be involved in Professional Development at school.  Michael Charles from the Faculty of Education at York University in Toronto, Canada and International School Principal 
with over 40 years of experience will spend 2 weeks with us at school in November working with all teachers to further develop their teaching practice.  We are all excited about this rare opportunity!
    We want to thank all parents for their continued support. From all of us at school, I want to with all our Shuren families a HAPPY MID-AUTUMN FESTIVAL!

Best Wishes,
Peter McLeod