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9.28 Newsletter
Dear Parents,
    I am pleased to report that we had another great week at school.  Students came to school well rested as they had a long weekend to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival and the week has flown by as students have been engaged in their learning.

    At SRPS, we want to ensure that students have every opportunity possible to gain leadership experience. We do this through sport, mentoring, group reading and storytelling and student government.  Now it is the time of the year when many students are preparing for their journey of being a representative on the student government.  We want to congratulate all new and future members of the student government!  Well done everyone!

Middle School Student Presentation

Campaign Poster of Primary School Student

Native American Spirit Day
    The international primary and kindergarten students had a super Native American Spirit Day this week. Students worked together to create a Totem Pole craft for the day. Students and staff looked spectacular as they dressed in traditional Native American costumes.  Older students helped younger students with their artwork creating a better community within the school.

International Kindergarten
    The expression, “Everything I ever needed to know, I learned in Kindergarten,” seems often true!  Students in our new International Kindergarten are learning to share, cooperate, use their imaginations and much more. Their new classroom provides the perfect environment for the children to explore and play. We are extremely pleased with the progress they are making under the guidance of Teacher Loida.

Movie Stars
    Casting agents from the child movie, “Cassi Wonderland,” from China Education Television, came to school this week looking to recruit talent for this production.  This is a wonderful opportunity for our students in primary to perform.  Good luck students!

Parent Ambassador Council
    Today’s first meeting of the Parent Ambassador Council was a tremendous success!  We had 14 parents meet with President Wang, Principal Zheng and I to discuss school issues and the path forward for the school. 

The main issues discussed were:
Improving physical education and sport opportunities for students at school.
Offering more after school activities. A new group of activities will be offered to all students in November. Principal Zheng is organizing this.
Concentrate on improving the literacy of students. Promote reading when ever possible. Parents will be given opportunities to purchase books for their children. Students will be encouraged to read both in the dorms and at home.
Parking of parent vehicles-parents should not park and block traffic by the gate. Parents should park on the road and should not make U-turns during busy times.
Today was the Primary Ambassador Council.  Any parent interested in being on the Kindergarten or the Middle School/High Parent Ambassador School Council should contact as soon as possible in order to organize your first meeting.

School E-mail Address
If parents have a concern or question and they want to address it to school management, please send an e-mail to  This mailbox will be opened each day and the appropriate person will be allocated to help you.  Our belief is that this will help centralize your queries.
Saturday the 29th and Sunday the 30th are school days for us at SRPS. Then, we will have a full week vacation for the National Holiday and resume to school on October 8th.  We want to wish all of our families a safe and productive holiday.  Parents need to be sure that your child has a specific time each day to sit in a quiet place and read a good book. Readers are Leaders!
Best Wishes,
Peter McLeod