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 Encourages Good Character with Student Council

Cheryl Knobel  

    What makes a good leader? What makes a fun and safe school? Students in Grade Four at Shuren-Ribet’s International Primary Program have been diligently thinking about these questions to make a great campaign for the start of Student Council 2018-2019.
    The candidates persevered to create posters and presentations about their ideas for a great school year!

    “I am a good friend, and I want to lead the younger students to be safe at school every day,” said Hong Kong, candidate for Chief Safety Officer.
    “I want to be a bridge between teachers and students and help others to be thankful,” said Lisa, candidate for Minister of Activities.
    “I want to share what I know about how to make a good activity. I am good at dancing and drawing, and I have traveled to many museums,” said Elsa, also a candidate for Minister of Activities.
    At Shuren-Ribet, it is a special time in Grade Four when students can take a greater responsibility in the success of their school community. Student Council members will work as a team throughout the year to support activities, help others with academics and behavior, and keep a watch on safety during the school day.

    “It is a valuable experience for young children to think creatively about their own ideas and present them to their peers,” says Alena, Grade Four Homeroom Teacher. “It has been wonderful to see their inner lights shine!”

    Daisy, candidate for President, promises to use her time in Student Council to help all the students at school: “I want to lead my team to do meaningful things for all of us at school. I will serve wholeheartedly.”