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10.12 Newsletter 
Dear Parents,

I am pleased to inform you that our return to school after a week vacation was a real success!  Students informed us that they accomplished the 3 tasks I gave them over the holiday….1) Ask parents if they need help at home…2) Read everyday and 3) Play outside and get some exercise.

Students showed their kindness and appreciation to the Shuren staff with gifts for the National Holiday.

Spectacular School Citizens

    At our Flag raising ceremony on Monday, 28 students and 5 staff were recommended to receive, “Spectacular School Citizen,” awards. We also had had 6 Spectacular Athletes honored. Parents of the award winners were invited to witness the occasion.  We are excited to inform you that students and staff will be asked to receive awards at each monthly full school flag raising.

Detective in Nature
    Primary students in grades 4-6 went on a field trip to the Elk Park, which was supported by the Beijing "Root and Shoot" organization. They completed a, “Detective in Nature” challenge, including 6 difficult tasks for all students.  Fun was had by all.  Well done everyone!

    Shuren-Ribet “Root and Shoot Club” has been awarded the Unique Organization Prize from the Beijing Root and Shoot, and our teacher Shelly is given the Honorary Teacher Award.  Congratulations students and Teacher Shelly!

International Primary School
    Children in International Primary have been learning about plants in Science class. They have planted radish seeds in soil in Grade 2 and Grade 1 students began an experiment with onions in water to see how they grow.

MS/HS Meetings
    Management met with MS/HS students this week to discuss targets and plans for the school year.  The main focus was on the 4 P’s. Preparation Prevents Poor Performance! There was good conversation and we will all work together to make this the best year ever at SRPS for our Middle and High School.

Health Food, Health Life!
At school we are paying particular attention to ensure that the food served to the children meet all the necessary safety and nutritional requirements and more! 

Kindergarten students did Foam Paiting on a Art&Craft class
    Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions or concerns.  Have a super weekend.  Please ensure your child reads!

   Best Wishes,
   Peter McLeod