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10.19 Newsletter 

Dear Parents,
    What a great week we have had learning together at school.  Everyone is busy, happy and healthy!  This is great news! 

William Academy, Canada!
    On Monday, representatives from the William Academy visited school to sign the agreement beginning the relationship between our two schools.  Our students will now have the opportunity to study at this prestigious Canadian school. More information will come soon regarding the progress of plans for the future. 

Representatives of Shuren-Ribet and William Academy signed the partnership agreement

Global Issues/Public Speaking
    In the spirit of internationalism, students in the High School are taking a new course for 80 minutes each Friday. Students are expected to research various global issues and develop a presentation/speech to make in front of both students and staff, monthly. This is a great opportunity for students to improve their public speaking and English skills and become better informed global citizens at the same time!

Connecting Home and School
    On October 12th, parents from International Grade 1 participated in a workshop discussing academic expectations of the program as well as ways to facilitate the process of transition between kindergarten and school for our energetic and enthusiastic first graders.
    Today, international Grade 2 parents were invited to explore the topic of helping children develop self-study skills alongside learning about various learning styles and ways to maximize learning from homework.
    We are fortunate to have such committed parents in our school and look forward to other workshops in the future to bring the school and home closer together. 

Morning Exercise!
    All primary students are having morning exercises Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings from 9:30-10:00am. All students and staff are involved in getting fit. Thank you to our PE staff for organizing this welcomed development. Healthy Body, Healthy Mind! 

Kindergarten Safety
    There is nothing more important than safety!  Kindergarten students are learning about the importance of being aware of different signs. Just a few examples are, Beware of Electricity, Danger and various traffic signs.  Please share pictures of different signs with the children so they are sure to avoid any danger in the future! Best to be prepared!

MS/HS Great Wall Trip
    October 18 is the Chinese Double Ninth Festival. The tradition is that people should go somewhere high, such as climb a mountain or get on top of a tower, to celebrate it. On this day, all Shuren-Ribet MS and HS students and teachers climbed the Great Wall of China. It was a great experience for everyone involved!

Explorer Spirit Day
    The children in the International Primary studied and imagined being explorers this week.  They dressed up as their favorite explorers, made trail mix and had a scavenger hunt. What a great way to learn about our important explorers.  Well done everyone!

Bilingual Primary
    This week, Bilingual Primary School finished their Young Pioneer Leadership election. New student leaders will play their roles in each classroom to help teachers and the school to organize activities and improve daily performance and create a learning community. Student leaders gave and their homeroom teachers a red scarf to show their gratitude for their hard work. Each homeroom will become an excellent Young Pioneer Learning Community.

Kindergarten Parent Meeting
    Today, kindergarten parents met with Ms. Wong to discuss the future of the kindergarten program.  Parents also visited the classrooms and met with the homeroom teachers. Principal Peter spoke of the importance of kindergarten to the development of the child and asked for volunteers for the new kindergarten Parent Ambassador Group.

Zhao Zhang Jiahua represents Shuren-Ribet on the first Conference of Tongzhou District Young Pioneer
    As you can see from all the activities in the newsletter, we had a busy and exciting week. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to mail us at or come in and visit us.  Our door is always open to you!

     Peter McLeod
     Head of School