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11.2 Newsletter 

Dear Parents,
    As always, it has been a busy week for all of us at school.  Enjoy the newsletter!!!

Health Status Questionnaire

Shuren-Ribet is committed to improving the physical condition of our students.  Primary students are now participating in morning exercises Tuesday-Thursday from 9:30-10 am!  More PE equipment has been purchased and more students are involved in sport in the after school activity program.  Winter is coming and we will soon begin our traditional winter running program.  To ensure the health of our students and prevent unforeseen injuries or accidents, we are now asking that all parents fill in a Student Health Status Questionnaire.  If your child has no health issues, please fill in the form and return to the homeroom teacher on Monday.  If your child has any health concerns which can potentially cause difficulties when doing sport in PE class, please state the concern and attach a health report issued by a hospital.  Our PE staff will organize alternative pe activities for them.  We appreciate your cooperation in this important matter.

Evacuation Drill
The entire school participated in an evacuation drill on Thursday.  Our goal is to train everyone to exit the buildings safely and quickly in the unlikely case of an emergency. We have new paddles designed to show when all students and staff are evacuated safely.  A big thank you to our Fire Marshal, Mr. Wang for organizing this important event.

Clean Air Policy

Unfortunately, the issue of the level of the air pollution is something we must consider at Shuren and all other schools in Beijing.  All of us take the quality of the air we breathe very seriously and we have been investigating to ensure to protect children from harmful air.  We appointed a committee to study the issue.  This is what we concluded....
The government suggests that we must keep our children in at a PM 2.5 reading of 200 and above. We have decided to take the side of caution and make a reading of 175 as our benchmark to keep the children inside for PE/break/flag ceremony.
The government also classified an orange alert at a reading of 100, so we will turn on our wind systems in our buildings will be turned on when the PM 2.5 reading reaches 100.

Kindergarten Arts and Crafts
A critical part of the kindergarten curriculum is Arts and Crafts.  This week, our students made their own, "hotpot," with play dough and painted some fallen leaves.  I think we have some future artists at Shuren!

Primary School Field Trip

This past Tuesday, the entire primary participated in a field trip to the Beijing Children and Teenager Training Center.  This was an exciting opportunity for our students to be introduced to different careers and future lifestyles.  Fun was had by all.

Craft Making and Flower Display
Grade One had a special visitor when a student’s parent came to show them a fall craft of making a flower display. Ms Ella prepared the materials and gave an excellent lesson. The students had such a great time, they didn’t want to stop! A big thank you to Ella for her generous partnership.

Literature Club Award Ceremony

Last month, the middle school Jingzhe Literature Club organized the first composition competition of this school year. Our 7th graders have won the first and third prize even it’s their first time in this competition. Congratulations!

TOEFL Preparation

Preparing for the TOEFL test is an important part of getting ready to study abroad. In the high school, Grades 11 and 12 have TOEFL centered ESL classes. In addition, students have started an evening study group to work together with teachers, to help give them extra practice as they prepare for the tests. Students must be willing to put in the extra work and study hard if they want to be successful on the test. It was great to see our students initiate the evening study group!  Well done!

Pollution Alert for Saturday

Unfortunately, there is a pollution alert out from government authorities for Saturday.  We had no choice but to postpone our, "Soccer Saturday," until it is safe for our students to participate.  We actually had 200 students interested in participating in the event!  This is just the beginning of Saturday programs at Shuren!

Winter Trip to Canada!

We are pleased to announce that our Middle/High School students now have the opportunity to travel to Canada for a winter camp with our new partner school, William Academy. This is a great opportunity for our students to experience a top Canadian school, develop friendships and be immersed in an English speaking environment.  All parents interested are asked to inform homeroom teacher. Interested parents will be contacted with the details of an information meeting.

International Primary Grade 5 Parent Meeting

Parents and staff met today to discuss the option of attending our international Middle School in September.  This is a super opportunity for our students to continue with their international program at Shuren.  We are planning an engaging and challenging curriculum where our middle school students prepare for high school and beyond. We develop a Chinese soul with an international perspective!
As you can see from all the activities in the newsletter, we had a busy and exciting week. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to mail us at or come in and visit us.  Our door is always open to you!

 Peter McLeod
 Head of School