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Thanksgiving Day 

Today, Shuren-Ribet MS and HS  celebrated Thanksgiving, inviting students, parents and school staff for a great lunch. Although the Thanksgiving Day originates from the US, it delivers a universal spirit—showing appreciation to anything that helped us or supported us. Today at 11:00, before having the fancy foods, Principal McLeod asked everyone in the library to think about what  they were thankful for and later MS/HS students  performed a series of wonderful performances; students also sent flowers to all their beloved teachers, and a parent gave a heart-moving speech about her proud feelings to this event.

    The meal was elaborately cooked by the school kitchen and tasted wonderful! After this celebration, MS teachers had a meeting with all parents to introduce the future curriculum and character education plans.

    Today’s event provided us an opportunity to express our gratitude to our family, friends, teachers and classmates.