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Inventor’s Spirit Day
    The Wright brothers made an airplane fly in December of 1903. International Primary celebrated this day with an Inventor’s Spirit Day. The children learned about the Wright brothers, the first telephone, the first bicycle, the computer, and many other inventions that have changed the world. Teachers worked to inspire children to think creatively and consider the possibility of their own ideas being able to change the world by thinking about new ideas and ways to help others.

    Some students came dressed as scientists for this day. Other children came dressed as their favorite invention! Grade Five made a unique style of paper airplane and modified the design according to their own idea. Grade Four designed holiday cards that could help others feel the joy of the season. Grades Two and Three had a paper airplane competition where they created what they thought would fly best. And Grade One worked in collaborative groups to design their own idea of an airplane from various art materials. They also learned about the telephone by testing out the classic cup-and-string telephone.

    All the children challenged their thinking and were inspired to become modern thinkers and challenge themselves to create something new while working together!