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Reading with Grade 1A and 5A

    Story time is a treasured moment in the heart of a child. They listen attentively as they smile, laugh, frown, and shake their heads. Reading aloud to children has an incredible impact on their emotional development and imagination, as they engage with their hearts and minds with characters and faraway places.

    This week, students from the American High School volunteered to read English stories with their younger brothers and sisters in International Primary. Teachers are excited to see this tradition continue at our school, encouraging reading and community together!

    Grade One students enjoyed two books and some question-and-answer time with Katherine and Terry.

    “Why didn’t the cat climb the tree?” Dongdong, a Grade One student asked, after reading “Feathers For Lunch” where a cat cannot catch a bird.

    Grade Five students chose an interesting book called “Weird Wolf” from the library and read their story with the High School students in a circle outside. We encourage children to visit the library often, open a book, and share the wonder of reading with their friends.

    It was great to see the children so curious about their stories and involved in the reading together. The activity will continue through the semester with each grade level in International Primary having a chance to read with their older friends in the High School. Sharing the joy of books is a valuable experience that we are excited to bring to life at Shuren-Ribet. Readers are Leaders!