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Scavenger Hunt Review
    What is the best way of learning yet playing?
    After one week of having our students work on their review packs and schemes to prepare them for their finals we played our Scavenger Hunt Review game to help them interiorize the learnt concepts and relax before their tests. Students divided by grades had to find hidden questions all over the high school building using the help of clues. Once they found the question they needed to find the subject teacher of the question and provide him/her with the right answer. If they achieved this, they would get their next clue and so on.
    The result was amazing. Students got really involved in busily searching for the questions and answering them properly. It was the funniest review ever.
    This time, the 9th and 11th graders tied for the win and so they won a visit to McDonalds, which everyone enjoyed.