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4A Receives Letters from American Students

    Grade 4A, the students have written letters using the computer in their Technology class. These letters were delivered to a school in Montana, USA. This week was an exciting moment for 4A when they received letters back from their “Pen Pals” in America.

“The boy who wrote me back is also named Jack!” said Jack, laughing and showing his friends the long and interesting letter from a boy in Montana who shares his name.The teachers are excited to help the children make this connection. “It was a moment of pure joy when the students found out they had received so many replies to their letters. They immediately began to write new letters back. Maybe some of these pen pals will become lifelong friends across an ocean,” said 4A Teacher Alena.

     Each student received letters from more than one American student, and they are so excited to learn what life is like in Montana where there are mountains, lots of snow, and many children just like themselves. Great job 4A on this wonderful project!