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Shuren Planet News

    The students of Grade 5A have worked hard on the second publication of their new project: Shuren Planet News. This newspaper is produced entirely by the students of 5A. They interview their classmates, do research, write the articles, take the pictures, and work together to put it all into a newspaper they can share with their friends! In this newspaper they wrote a creative story and a science article, made a puzzle, wrote a joke, and wrote articles about events in International Primary. Of course they included a lot of pictures!

    This week they delivered the newspaper to their fellow learners. It was a fun event for the younger students to see if a picture of themselves made it into the newspaper! This is a great project that not only builds community between classes, but also encourages all students in writing, reading, technology, and art. Teachers are proud of the hard work that has been done in 5A to make this publication from start to finish. Keep watch for the next one coming soon!