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Benefits of Learning Language

    Learning foreign languages has tremendous benefits in the life of students. In Finland, which has been ranked as a country with the best education system in the world, students are required to learn multiple languages. It has been found that creativity and thinking skills can be improved by learning multiple languages. 
During the course of the semester, high school students have had opportunities to attend two language clubs. For the first seven weeks, students attended introduction to French classes during French club time. At the moment, students are learning Spanish.
    Learning foreign languages benefits students in several ways. First, it improves mental abilities by challenging the brain to communicate, recognize and negotiate meaning in different language systems which improves problem solving abilities and decision-making skills. It has been found that bilinguals can think over decisions in their second language and see whether their initial conclusions still stand up. Moreover, research findings indicate that students of foreign languages have more developed thinking skills than their peers. Knowledge of foreign languages can also provide opportunities for students to get scholarships and a good education.