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Excellence and perfection
    Excellence is giving your very best and exceeding expectations. On the other hand, perfection is the quality of being faultless or flawless. In reality, it is not always possible to be perfect. An old English adage states to err is human … and this is true in many aspects even at school. Through making mistakes and learning from them progress is gained. For this reason, every time work is done the aim should be to get better. To excel all that is needed is to offer the very best and everyone has this potential.
    The standard for excellence is improvement on previous successes. This means, striving always to do better. Perfection is measured using an external standard. Comparisons are made to check whether a set mark is reached and how accurately. If one falls short, then its tantamount to failure. Therefore, seeking perfection encourages comparison, competition and rivalry. In contrast, the pursuit of excellence for everyone promotes collaboration, cooperation and synergy. In a community where excellence is the mantra no one is left behind. This is why we strive for excellence not perfection.