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Improve the Personal Quality, Inherit the Light of Culture

3月15日 国旗下演讲

Honorable teachers, dear classmates:

    Good morning!

    For thousands of years we have always been proud of ourselves as being a member of the ancient civilized countries, and we have our own culture that has been precipitated for several thousand years. We, students, should shoulder the responsibilities to pass on the civilized etiquette, enriching every student in Shuren with the light of civilization in their hearts.

    Civilization is a kind of habit that should be developed since childhood. However, with the development of modern technology, I find that in our streets there are so many shameful behaviors, such as some snack bags or drink bottles are left behind the dormitory buildings, some fruit peel and paper dust is on the grass, all of which makes me sad. There appears such an inharmonious phenomenon in our beautiful campus.   

    How can we change this? We need to start from ourselves. Don’t complain about others. We should concentrate on ourselves and improve our quality first. How can we realize that? It’s very easy. Behave and talk politely. In our campus, we should talk politely and refuse dirty words; we should strictly obey the school rules and regulations, read the students handbooks carefully, remember even recite them. Never dye your hair or perm your hair, don’t smoke or drink alcohol. Our students shouldn’t do either of these. When our classmates have problems, we should help them, which both helps them and warms us. Let the flower of civilization blossom in our Shuren School everywhere!

    Dear students, you are the generation with hopes. We may explore the other countries, the world and the future one day. So what we should do now is to improve our quality and learn the civilized manner and to be the polite people in others’ eyes. But all these cannot be realized within one day, it is a kind of quality and habit to be developed for a long time. And don’t be frightened by these difficulties. It can be as simple as saying “sorry” or “thanks”. All these show your etiquette. Pick up the rubbish and put it into the bin. This also shows your politeness. Every little move can bring warmth for others, why don’t we have a try? 

    Manner and etiquette is simple but also important. It is simple and every individual is related, and it is important as everyone is involved. So dear classmates please be the best yourselves and don’t be looked down by others! Let the voice of civilization full of the campus of Shuren School!