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Practice ecological civilization and build a breathing Campus


    We welcome the morning in the sound of reading; We depart with our best gesture; In the light we set our wishes free; Under the sunshine we sweat with our hard work. As a student in the new generation, we work and fight. However, although study is important, the learning environment is of equally important too. So we should develop ecological mindsets and protect our living and breathing campus.

    With the development of economy and the advance of the society, “Biological civilization”appears frequently. There are quite a lot of such phenomena as resources running out, environemnt pollution, species extinction etc. The fact tells us that both human being and nature is one of the indispensable parts of biological system. So protecting biological civilization is of urgent need.

    As students, our understanding towards the biological civiliation might be partial, but as the technology advances today, we have many channels to acquire the knowledge. On the internet, I’ve learned about the meaning of biological civilization. The so-called biological civilization is a kind of cultural states to focus on respecting and maintaining biological environment, base on the sustainable development and set the future human development as our goals. It means to advocate the awareness of biological civilization, take actions to do it, fasten the environment improvement, and to make our campus green, low-carbon, democrat and harmonious. 


    The topic which is seemingly big shows quite well in our campus. The garden-like campus, different colors, different styled buildiings form an artifical and natural beauty under the decoartion of the green trees and shy flowers, which makes us relaxed while enjoying the study.

    Flowers and Plants shows their feeling in the way of spring coming, students care full of love in their heart. Let the green hope set free in our kids’ hands to green our campus and beautify our learning environment. Flowers need the support of green leaves and our school needs students’ care more. Let’s act to make our campus full of green.

    Maybe not all the schools have the environment like this. But we can’t deny that our school is devoted to beautifying our campus environment and carry forward our biological civilization.

    It is always stressed the self-discipline, the mutual relying between human and nature in the biological civilizaiton. Our school keeps working to build a biological school, trying our best to make the school a happy place to study. Activities like saving the food, eating up your meal etc. all show the philosophy of biological civilization. The meaning of environment protection is great. As students what can we do? I think we can start from many little things, like saving every degree of electricity, saving every grain to fight for the environment in our school.  

    Every time I saw some uncivilized behaviors, I always thought to myself and stopped them immediately. If others point out my uncivilized behaviors, I will accept all and correct them. In order to keep the same pace with the school development, we should act for the biological civilizaiton, contribute to the building our beautiful campus. Another important aspect is to impove ourself, especially our quality.

    We are the owner of 21st century, and the awareness of environment protection is the important signal of modern human beings. We should build our sense of responsibility, caring about the world, staring the surroundings and focusing on our campus. Don’t throw the fruit peels or paper pieces, walk more and don’t step on the grass. “Do the kind no matter how small it is, and stop the bad no matter how small it is too”. Start from myself, our surroundings, small things and the current. Protect the earth, purify our green campus to make it more beautiful.

    There are two meanings in the green campus: one is about the environment the other is about the life, that is the so-called low-carbon life. One thousand miles can not be reached without every single step, the big ocean can not be accummulated without the small river. Let’s start from now and every detail to lead the low-carbon life, to be the one to spread low-carbon awareness to make our campus more outstanding together.

    Dear students, we are the main strength to construct the new century, shoulder the important mission of creating the material civilization. Let’s start from our surroundings, act the biological civilization to make a more beautiful campus.