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Record time with the camera and compose brilliance with youth


    Youth is always precious in our lives. Youth is time, strength and the faith of passion, Youth has tears, happiness, growth and gain.

    Shuren International High School organized an activity which is called ‘Keep My Youth photo shooting’. This activity was based on the purpose of recording students’ school life. When you come to our campus, you can see large grasslands and multiple trees. The picturesque scenery is the best representation of our school’s name ‘Shuren’. The green color represents students’ positive future and youth.








    Students had an excellent performance in this week, many students achieved their goals and won awards on Monthly Students Meeting. The presentation of prizes began after teachers’ speeches.


    We have established a lot of awards, such as Academic Star, Future Planning Award, the Best Leadership Award, the Moral Star. These awards are not only based on academic aspects, but also on moral standard and life planning parts. We aim to cultivate comprehensive ability of students rather than only focus on their study ability. Because of Shuren teachers’ professional skills and determination, students have made lots of achievements in moral and academic education, as well as in sports.

    Youth is like a poem, like a painting, like a song. We need to keep the spirit of never giving up, although we cannot know our future. We will never cease to chase our dreams.

    Everyone cannot keep youth, but we can live in the present and look toward the future. To make life worthwhile, we must exert ourselves for continuous improvement.