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    February 2018
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    A trip to the farm….

    On October 12, 2013 the Beijing Shuren-Ribet American High School visited the Shared Harvest Farm in Tongzhou as part of a cross- curricular field trip. The students picked corn, pulled carrots, learned about the importance of organic farming and had a delicious meal. We visited a chicken farm and learned how it works.

    2013年10月12日,北京树人·瑞贝美国高中参观了通州区的分享发展农场,这个活动是我们跨学科郊游的一个组成部分。在农场,学生们参与了摘玉 米,拔胡萝卜,了解了生态耕作的重要性,并在那里品尝了用生态种植出来的大米和蔬菜所做成的午餐;还参观了养鸡场,了解了养鸡场的运作模式。

    Some comments from the students: 下面是来自学生的体验感受

    “I had a lot of fun with the chickens, getting carrots from the land and eating delicious foods” ~ Theo


    “I learned about cultivation and not to waste food. We really enjoyed ourselves” ~Larry


    “I learned that every single grain is the fruit of hard work” ~ Lorraine


    “I learned how to feed the chickens, pull out carrots and vegetables” ~Carter


    “I learned so many things. My favorite part was pulling the carrots from the ground. We were able to feel and experience how it feels to personally harvest crops.” ~ Jack


    IMG_1539 IMG_1589 IMG_1527 IMG_1536 IMG_1532 IMG_1549 IMG_1551 IMG_1552 IMG_1556 IMG_1563 IMG_1587 IMG_1581 IMG_1572


    Shuren Ribet Times 1 4 Ed

    Bingo Night/St. Patrick’s Day

    On March 17th high school student government officials held an activity in celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day. They held a Bingo Night where many students learned what bingo is, and how to play it. Bingo is a foreign game for many of our Chinese friends, if not all of them. During this event the elementary school enjoyed the privilege of being the first to be able to learn and play the game. The Grade 5 and 6 students enjoyed this event by playing two rounds of Bingo from 6:00pm – 6:40pm. There were about 50 students and 10 teachers in this group. Following the elementary school, the middle school and high school learned and played the game. They attended it from 6:40pm – 8:00pm. There were about 140 students and 15 teachers in this group. This was a great opportunity to introduce our Shuren-Ribet community to games that they may have never played before. Students really enjoyed the game and a handful of them won prizes. Isabella, Jomiko, Carter and Jenny went to downtown the night before to purchase the prizes for this event.

    During the event there were many surplus bingo cards. Students and contestants were allowed to use an extra bingo card to enhance their chances of winning. Bingo being the game of luck it is, a few players had up to five cards at once and never won. When a contestant won, they were given one prize. Jomiko (Grade 10 Student) introduced a few fun games in between two rounds of Bingo to make it more interesting. She asked a few volunteers to participate in these fun games whilst the others enjoyed the music. Among the prizes were candy, notebooks, pens, iPhone 4 cases, phone holders, and joke pamphlets. Most students ended up just choosing candy as their prize.

    The idea of such an event was Mr. Praveen’s. Mr. Praveen is our mathematics and information technology teacher at the high school. He is often the student government’s adviser on school activities and has many great ideas. Some of the high school students helped in cutting about 4000 Counters and printed about 150 Bingo Cards. They helped in seating arrangement. They decorated the walls with big and small green Shemrock leaves and put a few green colored balloons around. A few student volunteers helped in clean up after the event. This is an event that has brought the entire school together.

    Solomon (Grade 10)

    Theatre Activity

    Every Wednesday the High school will have theatre activities in the library from 1630 to 1715. This time would mostly consist of four games, such as musical freeze, slow walk, mirrors, and the famous charades.

    Students enjoy playing ‘Mirrors’ as they are pitted against each other, one to be the leader, and the other to ‘mirror’ his or her actions. If you just want to have fun, you could dance or play a game of rock-paper-scissors with your mirror. If you want to take it a step further, you can try getting your mirror to do something ridiculous, such as opening the library door and walking out.

    Students are having difficulties grasping the concept of ‘Charades,’ but they still enjoy it. Our first session of ‘Charades’ consisted of people losing their phone, others using an umbrella and lastly, people pretending to be fashion models. We had a few good laughs.

    The ‘Musical Freeze’ is a rather simple activity. Students dance to the rhythm of the music and pause when the music stops. Students resume their dance when the music picks up.

    Lastly, the ‘Slow Walk’ is even simpler than the ‘Musical Freeze.’ Students participating walk in slow motion. However, they are required to do something that makes their walk unique, different, not just an ordinary walk.

    Come join the library from 1630 to 1715 and have some fun.

    Solomon (Grade 10)

    High School Newsletter II: School Play & Vacation

    Getting this newsletter up much later than it should be!  This newsletter dates to mid-October, following our return from vacation.


    Play Review:  Not Perfect, But a Great Effort

    At first, I must admit this was a brave attempt for our high school; an amazing arrangement and practice that was innovative and funny. I appreciate everyone’s exertion. This amazing show has given every audience a new view of our high school.

    Of course, there were also two main problems in our drama, which were most inevitable; after all this was our first event in the new school term.

    First, our script looked slightly rough; each unit not fulfilling enough; simple dialogue is insufficient to show a vivid history to our audience. Maybe we can insert more detail to make the play more descriptive. For example, we can focus on the “four famous books”; we also could express our topics more clearly.

    Second, I personally did not like the use of a spoof to describe history; historical facts should be respected. Maybe we need to avoid sensitive topics, or instead should show history true to the way it happened. I don’t want our show to give the audience a bad view; a relaxed tone is enough to show our high school’s topics.

    At last, I want to say something about all the public event of our high school.  I think it is a stage for all of us; we make every audience aware of us in the show, and we shape our images in their minds. I think the performance should be relaxed and happy, but also have principles and knowledge. That is what we want to show to the audience.

    Certainly, even though there were some problems, it was still a successful event. It was the best return for everyone’s exertion, and it not only gave us a happy beginning to our holiday, but also is a memorable clip in our high school life.

    Mason Feng


    Play Review:  Our Play Needed Some Work

    Some parts of our play were good and some parts were not done as well.  The good parts of the play were the parts about the Great Wall and Shan Zhen.  The part about the emperor and his slaves who built the Great Wall was interesting, and I found it funny how Lowell played the Emperor.  Bad parts of the play included my part – I didn’t act that well, and many of the other parts of the play were not taken as seriously.  Overall, our play could have been more exciting, and more meaningful, had we taken the performance more seriously.

    Sayan Toibekov


    Vacation Snapshot

    Photograph by Celia Zhang

    High School Newsletter: Welcome Back!

    It’s a brand new school year, and to kick things off we’ve launched a new school newsletter!  Our first edition contains articles written on some of our high school faculty; keep reading to find out more about them.


    Interview With Robert

    Mr. Robert is the best English teacher in my heart so far. When I first saw him, I thought he must be a very cold person. Later, I found out I was wrong. In fact, he is very outgoing, funny, and warm-hearted. This is why everyone loves him.

    Mr. Robert always wears a pair of high-degree glasses. This is why he is very knowledgeable. As far as I know, his job has always been teaching. He is 49 years old, and he has taught for ten years. I think he looks like a superman, very strong, even if his age approaches to 50. And, he told me, he just got married 2 years ago. I am very astonished about that! He has also been in China since before I was born. So I think he is half Chinese!

    For his job, he works very hard. Every morning, he gets to the classroom earlier than me. Every afternoon, when I come to the library, he is there. He told me he reads a book every weekend. I guess he will never be tired or old. He always has a lot of passion.

    I love this teacher very much. Maybe soon we will be the best friends in school. Also I can learn a lot from him. Maybe I can teach him Chinese. That would be really cool. I believe I can go to the best university in America with his help. And even though I am a Chinese, I believe if I work very hard with Mr. Robert, I can speak English better than many native speakers!

    Good Luck, Mr. Robert!

    Wind Wu


    Interview With Jenny

    Jenny is our homeroom teacher. Every day she manages things for all the students; she is very responsible. She is not a Beijinger – she comes from Jiangxi. Her birthday is on September 28th, 1978. She has lived in Beijing for 10 years. So long! Her husband is also a teacher: a math teacher. Her daughter also studies here at Shuren-Ribet. Her students were very curious about the reasons she does her job. Her answer was very easy and sincere: she said, ”I just want to help students learning and growing up.”

    “Everyone can learn new knowledge in every environment. And teachers learn new knowledge from the students.” She told me, “I love my job and being with kids is my big knowledge and wealth.” She has been at Shuren-Ribet for 2 years. She thinks this school has a very, very good environment. People really care about each other. She loves her job very much! She doesn’t want to change her job, she said, because she really enjoys working here and she feels very happy here. Finally, I hope we can happily spend every day at school. Thanks Jenny for the interview.

    Cherry Huang


    Interview With Aaron

    Interviewee: Aaron Yan, our Shuren–Ribet school science and math teacher; Aaron is one of the talents who went abroad early from China.

    Interviewer: Mason Feng

    Mason: I heard that you went abroad early, do you remember the specific time?
    Aaron: I went abroad in 1990.

    Mason: At that time, I think going abroad was not popular in China. What was your opportunity?
    Aaron: I had the chance to go to school overseas.

    Mason: I think this was a strange time for us — what about your life abroad? Did you have any trouble?
    Aaron: At that time, language was a big problem for me.

    Mason: You know most of us will go abroad too. For those of us worrying about life and learning abroad, do you have any suggestions?
    Aaron: Do more preparation before leaving, both of learning and of life.

    Mason: Lastly, I want to ask, what’s your opinion about going abroad in contemporary China?
    Aaron: I think going abroad today is not only a good opportunity to gain more knowledge, but also to help us realize more of the world.

    Mason Feng


    Interview With Chase

    PhotobucketMr. Chase is a new teacher for Shuren-Ribet School. He is only 27 years old, and he is from the US. His sister is 20 months younger than he is. Mr. Chase teaches us PE, Technology, and Community Service. Although he is the PE teacher, he is very shy and a gentleman, and he never smokes. Then I want to tell everybody Mr. Chase is one of my favorite people.

    In college, he learned about Business Management,and I really wonder why he becomes a teacher, and he told me he really enjoys teaching, but I cannot believe it! Throughout, I think he wants an exciting life, even if he is a gentleman.

    Next, about his life: he told me he wanted to get married about 35 years old. That is really different from a lot of Chinese people. He really likes to travel around. He has been to many places in China with his friends; he has also been to Korea and other places. His favorite countries are China and Italy. That is really cool. But I do not like to travel around. I just want a very peaceful house to live in with my loves. But Chase is very different from me, and he is really a man. So he wants a really exciting life, even if he looks very quiet. So I want to say “a person may not see his superficial!”

    On the weekend, Mr. Chase sometimes goes to the movie theater. Usually, he watches English movies, but sometimes, he also watches some Chinese movies, and he likes the actor Jack Li. Often,he goes to parties on the weekend. Chase also likes my favorite thing — listening to music (different kinds of music). For sports, he likes basketball and billiards. Because he has a lot of hobbies, he gets lots of friends everywhere, even if he is a little bit shy.

    Finally, I want to tell you that Mr. Chase is really nice. I spent his lunch time to interview him, and he was very patient to answer me. So I am very impressed. I really like this man. I hope he can be good enough to do whatever he chooses! In the end, I want to shout a secret to you. If you want to be Chase’s girlfriend, you must learn how to cook dinner for him! And, his favorite food is Mexican food……

    Wind Wu


    We hope you’ve enjoyed this edition of the Shuren-Ribet Biweekly Newsletter! Check back soon for our next edition on what we did over the National Day vacation, and our coverage of the school play!

    A Visit by the Danish Chamber of Commerce and Famous Band

    After lovely performances by both the students and the cheerful band full of great energy


    Our students from the Sichuan Earthquake Relief and Spring Bud Programs were recently visited by the Danish Chamber of Commerce and The Antonelli Orchestra as well as Thomas Helmig and Martin Brygmann.  We truly appreciate the kindness and support these children have been receiving from those who are caring all around the world; without their support, we would not be able to offer them the opportunities they deserve.

     Thank you!!

    Spring Exchange – Oak Creek East Middle School

    “Dear students and staff of Shuren Ribet School, we appreciate the hospitality you have given us and hope that the relationship between our two schools continues and grows over time.  All of us had a wonderful time interacting with you.  Thank you for having us in your beautiful facility and for allowing us into your classrooms to learn more about your culture and history.  We enjoyed going to all the local sites that are important to China.  Thank you for taking the time to make food for us.  To the students who let us into your houses, we thank you for doing so.  Thank you to the many people who set this trip.  It opened many doors for us and let us see the world in a new perspective.  We hope the students coming to America enjoy themselves as much as we have enjoyed ourselves over here.  In all, thank you to everyone who has spent their time with us and made this experience happen. ”

    Chinese Ethnic Culture Park: Mr. Weerts,
    Mr. Wanji, Brittany, Kristy, Sean, Thomas, Michael,
    Mr. DeRubeis. Simone, Clair, Johanna

    End Performance at Shuren Ribet: Sean, Michael,
    Clair, Kristy, Brittany, Simone 

    The Greatwall of China: Mr Weerts, Mr DeRubeis,
    Johanna, Thomas, Kristy, Brittany, Michael,
    Simone, Clair 


    The students of Oak Creek East Middle School joined the Shuren Ribet family for two weeks; as they studied Chinese, Chinese watercolor painting, dance, calligraphy, they learned about our culture, and spent an entire weekend with our Shuren students at their homes.  In addition, they have also visited Beijing Hutongs, the Forbidden City, Summer Palace, the Temple of Heaven and many more ancient as well as modern cites and museums.  They have become fans of all the different types of Chinese foods and even experts at eating Hotpot!

    Just 10 days after the departure of our new friends, a group of our middle and high school students packed up their bags and took off for Oak Creek, Wisconsin.  To track the exciting activities of their visit, please visit the Shuren-Oak Creek site.

    Student of the Week!

    American Program: Ashley

    Ashley’s in a class where she doesn’t have the highest English ability, but she has demonstrated a good attitude and consistent effort. 


    Canadian Program: Kyo

    Kyo is consistently helpful in class and does his best to contribute to discussion.

    Spirit Day

    Lucy, Ashley, Sophia, Ms. Richards (faculty) Ms. Carter (Faculty), Bonnie, David, Johnny Sayan, Tom 
    To promote School Spirit on our campus, the students participated in their first ever Spirit Day! Teachers and students both took out their pajamas to have some fun as they are busy learning in their classes. The day was filled with laughter and smiles as they went to their classes! What is going to be the next Spirit Day? Stay posted!

    Ms. Richards (faculty) 

    Ms. Ma (Faculty), Tom, Jack, Summer Johnny, Kyo, Joe, William, Mika, Payne
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