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    May 2010
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    A Visit by the Danish Chamber of Commerce and Famous Band

    After lovely performances by both the students and the cheerful band full of great energy


    Our students from the Sichuan Earthquake Relief and Spring Bud Programs were recently visited by the Danish Chamber of Commerce and The Antonelli Orchestra as well as Thomas Helmig and Martin Brygmann.  We truly appreciate the kindness and support these children have been receiving from those who are caring all around the world; without their support, we would not be able to offer them the opportunities they deserve.

     Thank you!!

    Spring Exchange – Oak Creek East Middle School

    “Dear students and staff of Shuren Ribet School, we appreciate the hospitality you have given us and hope that the relationship between our two schools continues and grows over time.  All of us had a wonderful time interacting with you.  Thank you for having us in your beautiful facility and for allowing us into your classrooms to learn more about your culture and history.  We enjoyed going to all the local sites that are important to China.  Thank you for taking the time to make food for us.  To the students who let us into your houses, we thank you for doing so.  Thank you to the many people who set this trip.  It opened many doors for us and let us see the world in a new perspective.  We hope the students coming to America enjoy themselves as much as we have enjoyed ourselves over here.  In all, thank you to everyone who has spent their time with us and made this experience happen. ”

    Chinese Ethnic Culture Park: Mr. Weerts,
    Mr. Wanji, Brittany, Kristy, Sean, Thomas, Michael,
    Mr. DeRubeis. Simone, Clair, Johanna

    End Performance at Shuren Ribet: Sean, Michael,
    Clair, Kristy, Brittany, Simone 

    The Greatwall of China: Mr Weerts, Mr DeRubeis,
    Johanna, Thomas, Kristy, Brittany, Michael,
    Simone, Clair 


    The students of Oak Creek East Middle School joined the Shuren Ribet family for two weeks; as they studied Chinese, Chinese watercolor painting, dance, calligraphy, they learned about our culture, and spent an entire weekend with our Shuren students at their homes.  In addition, they have also visited Beijing Hutongs, the Forbidden City, Summer Palace, the Temple of Heaven and many more ancient as well as modern cites and museums.  They have become fans of all the different types of Chinese foods and even experts at eating Hotpot!

    Just 10 days after the departure of our new friends, a group of our middle and high school students packed up their bags and took off for Oak Creek, Wisconsin.  To track the exciting activities of their visit, please visit the Shuren-Oak Creek site.

    Student of the Week!

    American Program: Ashley

    Ashley’s in a class where she doesn’t have the highest English ability, but she has demonstrated a good attitude and consistent effort. 


    Canadian Program: Kyo

    Kyo is consistently helpful in class and does his best to contribute to discussion.

    Spirit Day

    Lucy, Ashley, Sophia, Ms. Richards (faculty) Ms. Carter (Faculty), Bonnie, David, Johnny Sayan, Tom 
    To promote School Spirit on our campus, the students participated in their first ever Spirit Day! Teachers and students both took out their pajamas to have some fun as they are busy learning in their classes. The day was filled with laughter and smiles as they went to their classes! What is going to be the next Spirit Day? Stay posted!

    Ms. Richards (faculty) 

    Ms. Ma (Faculty), Tom, Jack, Summer Johnny, Kyo, Joe, William, Mika, Payne

    Christmas Vacation for International Students

    This is a reminder that school will be dismissed for international students at 2pm, Wednesday, December 23rd, for Christmas break. Classes will resume on the following Monday, December 28th. We will thereafter have an additional holiday on January 1st.

    We wish you all Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas!

    Photo by Mark n Emma

    Halloween and Health

    ESL Teacher Zhanna Kuleshova submitted these photos presenting Primary School Halloween and health activities. Our Halloween festivities throughout the school were enjoyed by all. In some cases, it was the first time that students had the opportunity to enjoy the Halloween holiday, and they loved it!

    H1N1 Vaccine Administered

    In continuing efforts to ensure a healthy environment here at school, our medical department administered free H1N1 shots to all willing students and faculty this week. Thanks to our medical staff and all who organized students and staff.

    Student Council Elected

    Several days ago the American High School held its elections for Student Council officers and representatives. Candidates campaigned and delivered spirited, informative speeches in support of their candidacy. In the end, the following officers were elected:

    Sophia Bai, President
    Lucy Zhou, Vice-President
    Wind Wu, Treasurer
    Sayan Toibekov, 10th grade representative
    Feng Ming, 9th grade representative

    Some photos follow:

    Feng Ming persuades classmates 
    Students and Mr. Blissett listen to speeches
    Students and Mr. Blissett listen to speeches 

    Students Practice Advertising

    8th grade students revealed their aptitude for creativity. They
    designed and presented flyers advertising various products, from
    comfortable houses and furniture to make-up. They were so
    persuasive that I wanted to buy some of the products myself.
    Iryna Zhurenko

    Report on National Day

    Wow! We had an incredible National Day celebration here at Shuren-Ribet. The performances and costumes were wonderful, and everyone had an incredibly good time. We’d like to thank all of the students, teachers, and staff who were instrumental in making it a great day. Please check out the pictures below to get a flavor of the event.

    A nice crowd
    A nice crowd 
    Mr. Blissett addresses the audience alongside Pres. Wang 
    PS ballet performance
    PS ballet performance
    Secondary students
    Secondary students
    PS and MS students perform an ethnic dance
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