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    October 2010
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    High School Newsletter: Welcome Back!

    It’s a brand new school year, and to kick things off we’ve launched a new school newsletter!  Our first edition contains articles written on some of our high school faculty; keep reading to find out more about them.


    Interview With Robert

    Mr. Robert is the best English teacher in my heart so far. When I first saw him, I thought he must be a very cold person. Later, I found out I was wrong. In fact, he is very outgoing, funny, and warm-hearted. This is why everyone loves him.

    Mr. Robert always wears a pair of high-degree glasses. This is why he is very knowledgeable. As far as I know, his job has always been teaching. He is 49 years old, and he has taught for ten years. I think he looks like a superman, very strong, even if his age approaches to 50. And, he told me, he just got married 2 years ago. I am very astonished about that! He has also been in China since before I was born. So I think he is half Chinese!

    For his job, he works very hard. Every morning, he gets to the classroom earlier than me. Every afternoon, when I come to the library, he is there. He told me he reads a book every weekend. I guess he will never be tired or old. He always has a lot of passion.

    I love this teacher very much. Maybe soon we will be the best friends in school. Also I can learn a lot from him. Maybe I can teach him Chinese. That would be really cool. I believe I can go to the best university in America with his help. And even though I am a Chinese, I believe if I work very hard with Mr. Robert, I can speak English better than many native speakers!

    Good Luck, Mr. Robert!

    Wind Wu


    Interview With Jenny

    Jenny is our homeroom teacher. Every day she manages things for all the students; she is very responsible. She is not a Beijinger – she comes from Jiangxi. Her birthday is on September 28th, 1978. She has lived in Beijing for 10 years. So long! Her husband is also a teacher: a math teacher. Her daughter also studies here at Shuren-Ribet. Her students were very curious about the reasons she does her job. Her answer was very easy and sincere: she said, ”I just want to help students learning and growing up.”

    “Everyone can learn new knowledge in every environment. And teachers learn new knowledge from the students.” She told me, “I love my job and being with kids is my big knowledge and wealth.” She has been at Shuren-Ribet for 2 years. She thinks this school has a very, very good environment. People really care about each other. She loves her job very much! She doesn’t want to change her job, she said, because she really enjoys working here and she feels very happy here. Finally, I hope we can happily spend every day at school. Thanks Jenny for the interview.

    Cherry Huang


    Interview With Aaron

    Interviewee: Aaron Yan, our Shuren–Ribet school science and math teacher; Aaron is one of the talents who went abroad early from China.

    Interviewer: Mason Feng

    Mason: I heard that you went abroad early, do you remember the specific time?
    Aaron: I went abroad in 1990.

    Mason: At that time, I think going abroad was not popular in China. What was your opportunity?
    Aaron: I had the chance to go to school overseas.

    Mason: I think this was a strange time for us — what about your life abroad? Did you have any trouble?
    Aaron: At that time, language was a big problem for me.

    Mason: You know most of us will go abroad too. For those of us worrying about life and learning abroad, do you have any suggestions?
    Aaron: Do more preparation before leaving, both of learning and of life.

    Mason: Lastly, I want to ask, what’s your opinion about going abroad in contemporary China?
    Aaron: I think going abroad today is not only a good opportunity to gain more knowledge, but also to help us realize more of the world.

    Mason Feng


    Interview With Chase

    PhotobucketMr. Chase is a new teacher for Shuren-Ribet School. He is only 27 years old, and he is from the US. His sister is 20 months younger than he is. Mr. Chase teaches us PE, Technology, and Community Service. Although he is the PE teacher, he is very shy and a gentleman, and he never smokes. Then I want to tell everybody Mr. Chase is one of my favorite people.

    In college, he learned about Business Management,and I really wonder why he becomes a teacher, and he told me he really enjoys teaching, but I cannot believe it! Throughout, I think he wants an exciting life, even if he is a gentleman.

    Next, about his life: he told me he wanted to get married about 35 years old. That is really different from a lot of Chinese people. He really likes to travel around. He has been to many places in China with his friends; he has also been to Korea and other places. His favorite countries are China and Italy. That is really cool. But I do not like to travel around. I just want a very peaceful house to live in with my loves. But Chase is very different from me, and he is really a man. So he wants a really exciting life, even if he looks very quiet. So I want to say “a person may not see his superficial!”

    On the weekend, Mr. Chase sometimes goes to the movie theater. Usually, he watches English movies, but sometimes, he also watches some Chinese movies, and he likes the actor Jack Li. Often,he goes to parties on the weekend. Chase also likes my favorite thing — listening to music (different kinds of music). For sports, he likes basketball and billiards. Because he has a lot of hobbies, he gets lots of friends everywhere, even if he is a little bit shy.

    Finally, I want to tell you that Mr. Chase is really nice. I spent his lunch time to interview him, and he was very patient to answer me. So I am very impressed. I really like this man. I hope he can be good enough to do whatever he chooses! In the end, I want to shout a secret to you. If you want to be Chase’s girlfriend, you must learn how to cook dinner for him! And, his favorite food is Mexican food……

    Wind Wu


    We hope you’ve enjoyed this edition of the Shuren-Ribet Biweekly Newsletter! Check back soon for our next edition on what we did over the National Day vacation, and our coverage of the school play!