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    November 2010
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    High School Newsletter II: School Play & Vacation

    Getting this newsletter up much later than it should be!  This newsletter dates to mid-October, following our return from vacation.


    Play Review:  Not Perfect, But a Great Effort

    At first, I must admit this was a brave attempt for our high school; an amazing arrangement and practice that was innovative and funny. I appreciate everyone’s exertion. This amazing show has given every audience a new view of our high school.

    Of course, there were also two main problems in our drama, which were most inevitable; after all this was our first event in the new school term.

    First, our script looked slightly rough; each unit not fulfilling enough; simple dialogue is insufficient to show a vivid history to our audience. Maybe we can insert more detail to make the play more descriptive. For example, we can focus on the “four famous books”; we also could express our topics more clearly.

    Second, I personally did not like the use of a spoof to describe history; historical facts should be respected. Maybe we need to avoid sensitive topics, or instead should show history true to the way it happened. I don’t want our show to give the audience a bad view; a relaxed tone is enough to show our high school’s topics.

    At last, I want to say something about all the public event of our high school.  I think it is a stage for all of us; we make every audience aware of us in the show, and we shape our images in their minds. I think the performance should be relaxed and happy, but also have principles and knowledge. That is what we want to show to the audience.

    Certainly, even though there were some problems, it was still a successful event. It was the best return for everyone’s exertion, and it not only gave us a happy beginning to our holiday, but also is a memorable clip in our high school life.

    Mason Feng


    Play Review:  Our Play Needed Some Work

    Some parts of our play were good and some parts were not done as well.  The good parts of the play were the parts about the Great Wall and Shan Zhen.  The part about the emperor and his slaves who built the Great Wall was interesting, and I found it funny how Lowell played the Emperor.  Bad parts of the play included my part – I didn’t act that well, and many of the other parts of the play were not taken as seriously.  Overall, our play could have been more exciting, and more meaningful, had we taken the performance more seriously.

    Sayan Toibekov


    Vacation Snapshot

    Photograph by Celia Zhang