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    May 2011
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    Bingo Night/St. Patrick’s Day

    On March 17th high school student government officials held an activity in celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day. They held a Bingo Night where many students learned what bingo is, and how to play it. Bingo is a foreign game for many of our Chinese friends, if not all of them. During this event the elementary school enjoyed the privilege of being the first to be able to learn and play the game. The Grade 5 and 6 students enjoyed this event by playing two rounds of Bingo from 6:00pm – 6:40pm. There were about 50 students and 10 teachers in this group. Following the elementary school, the middle school and high school learned and played the game. They attended it from 6:40pm – 8:00pm. There were about 140 students and 15 teachers in this group. This was a great opportunity to introduce our Shuren-Ribet community to games that they may have never played before. Students really enjoyed the game and a handful of them won prizes. Isabella, Jomiko, Carter and Jenny went to downtown the night before to purchase the prizes for this event.

    During the event there were many surplus bingo cards. Students and contestants were allowed to use an extra bingo card to enhance their chances of winning. Bingo being the game of luck it is, a few players had up to five cards at once and never won. When a contestant won, they were given one prize. Jomiko (Grade 10 Student) introduced a few fun games in between two rounds of Bingo to make it more interesting. She asked a few volunteers to participate in these fun games whilst the others enjoyed the music. Among the prizes were candy, notebooks, pens, iPhone 4 cases, phone holders, and joke pamphlets. Most students ended up just choosing candy as their prize.

    The idea of such an event was Mr. Praveen’s. Mr. Praveen is our mathematics and information technology teacher at the high school. He is often the student government’s adviser on school activities and has many great ideas. Some of the high school students helped in cutting about 4000 Counters and printed about 150 Bingo Cards. They helped in seating arrangement. They decorated the walls with big and small green Shemrock leaves and put a few green colored balloons around. A few student volunteers helped in clean up after the event. This is an event that has brought the entire school together.

    Solomon (Grade 10)