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    March 2017
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    A New School Year

    Greetings! As the new principal at Shuren-Ribet, I am excited to begin a new adventure here at the school. I have been pleased by the reception I have received from the Shuren-Ribet community, and I am looking forward to teaming up with all of the school’s stakeholders to build on previous successes and create more successes in the future.

    I come to Shuren-Ribet after having spent four years as principal of a K-12 international school in Xi’an. I arrive here with my wife, Chelly, and our four children who will be students in the school.

    My main area of emphasis is always student learning. All of my decisions and action are made with student achievement in mind. Specifically, I’ve identified four areas that require special attention as I begin:

    1. American High School accreditation and curriculum: I have designed and will continue to refine a curriculum which meets the needs of students in a rapidly changing world. The demands of our curriculum, based in American learning standards, will push students to their academic limit, at the same time instilling in them a deep love and interest in learning which will remain with them throughout their lives. Our requirements exceed the admissions standards of most American universities.
    2. Accreditation: It is important that our curriculum be internationally recognized so that our students have a smooth transition to other schools and universities. As such, it is essential that we prepare for an early visit from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). In order to do this, we must continue to solidify the curriculum, make sure our students are properly resourced, and have high quality teaching taking place throughout the school. In my last school, I had the pleasure of leading the school through the accreditation process, and I look forward to repeating the achievement here at Shuren-Ribet.
    3. Teaching Quality: My faculty and I are collaborating on clear and effective teaching standards. I commit to be in teachers’ classrooms everyday to ensure that our learners are receiving the highest quality education possible, which adheres to current “best practices” in educational research.
    4. Marketing: Our students will benefit from increased enrollment at our school. With more students comes more resources, better salaries for teachers—which means that we can attract the best teachers available—and more diversified learning activities. Our marketing will target both the domestic Chinese and international population. The days of passive marketing are over. We will aggressively move out into the community to make sure that Chinese and expatriates know about Shuren-Ribet and are acquainted with the qualities that make our school a good alternative for parents wishing their children to receive a top-quality bilingual education.
    A school is not going to be nearly as successful as it could be without a supportive and active parent community. I am enthusiastic about meeting with our parents, outlining our vision, and inviting parents to take an active role in our school. Parents are always invited and welcome at Shuren-Ribet, and we want you to feel welcome in any of our classrooms at any time. Please let us know if you’d like to visit.

    I wish all of our students, staff and faculty a great year, and I have high hopes that we will accomplish much this year.

    Kevin Blissett