American High School /

    Shuren Ribet International High School implements American high school curriculum for student from Grade 9 to 12. High School follows the AERO standard and uses original American textbooks, hires international teachers who have American domestic high school teaching qualification, provides an immersive English learning environment to students as major subjects are only taught by foreign teachers. Each student`s learning, character, grade level and interest will be clearly handled by teachers through small class teaching method.

    Student who finishes Shuren High School studying with good grades can get an American high school diploma; student can choose taking an online college preparatory program which offered by our partnership with the Nebraska State University High School, and get an extra diploma. Besides, Shuren High School offers students a variety of choices for the future learning. Through our 2+1 programs with multiple international high schools like the Columbia International College (CIC), students can get easily study abroad with a good academic foundation and expand their learning successfully.

    The faculty of Shuren High School will offer future development and career guide for all high school students.