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Character Education

In Chinese, Shuren means Growing a Talent. Part of the school mission is “to cultivate student’s ability to be self-reliance in the society and serve the society.” Thus, Shuren School always regards the character education as the priority in all kinds of school events. Character education is not only about student discipline, it also covers topics like life, traditional culture, gratitude, manner, environment protection, global citizenship, volunteering and so on. This can lay a good foundation for Shuren students to be prepared for the future, to become a “talent with Chinese traditional virtues and also modern international qualities.”


 Shuren-Ribet School values each opportunity to empower students with leadership and collaboration skills. From kindergarten to high school, Shuren provides students with leadership and collaboration courses and events, introduces group learning and inquiry learning methods into the daily teaching, sets student governments in middle and high school, and organizes cross-grade activities to help students to improve their leaderships and skills.

Artistic Environment

Shuren-Ribet Campus is located at the “Xiaopu Art Village” which is the well-known cultural and arts industrial park in the sub-center of Beijing. Thousands of painters live and work here. There are dozens of art galleries and hundreds of art studios. Local artists form the main body of the Shuren parents. Therefore, every semester Shuren will bring students to visit galleries and invite artists to do performances and lectures on campus. Our art teachers are young artists who come from this neighborhood, offering art classes and interest clubs to students.

Festival Culture

Shuren-Ribet School attaches great importance to the campus festival culture as an important part of our campus culture, and creates festival activities characterized by the integration of the essences of Chinese and Western cultures, such as art festival, reading festival, science festival, Children’s day charity sale and many other Chinese and foreign traditional festivals. Shuren integrates character education into all of these festivals in diverse forms to strengthen students’ learning outside of classroom.