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Halloween Carnival
       On Friday, October 27th the school had a Halloween Carnival. All grades participated in the school-wide event. The High School hosted 5 activities, and with the help of Grade 6 students, hosted 3 activities for the Kindergarten. 
       To start off the mood for Halloween, the high school students carved pumpkins. After carving pumpkins the students worked on decorating the classes, and prepared posters. The students enjoy Halloween for many reasons, the candy, the games, but most importantly the opportunity to work and interact with the younger students. It is a great way for the students to show their mentoring abilities. Having kind, positive and energetic role models is important to little students. So it allows the high school students the ability to be these positive role models. 

      By the end of the event, everyone had had a great time, and the younger students were able to go home happy with a few pieces of candy.