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    Myla Yang:  Director of the political and educational department and Secretary of the Youth League Committee

    She is a member of the Communist Party of China and has been working in Shuren school since 2006. With many years of teaching experience as head teacher and front-line teacher, she is good at home school communication and large-scale activities planning. Her choreographed and directed dance and chorus programs have participated in many art performances of all China Women's Federation and China children's fund, which are very popular.

    As the backbone teacher of the school, as the head teacher, she has been deeply loved by the students for his rigorous teaching, solid foundation, dedication, continuous improvement and outstanding achievements. The class style and style of study are excellent. The students have a comprehensive and healthy development. They are good at the transformation of backward students. They are good teachers in the eyes of students. She believes that "when you pass love on to every child, you will also gain the love of students and the trust of parents.". She believes that only love can win love!

    In 2011, it was rated as excellent course in the primary school evaluation course. From 2012 to 2017, it was rated as "future star" for six consecutive years and "excellent instructor" in Beijing competition area of national specialty students professional evaluation piano competition, and won the national "best gardener" award. In 2017 and 2018, he was rated as "outstanding young pioneers counselor of Tongzhou District, Beijing", and his class in the same year was rated as "dynamic squadron of Tongzhou District, Beijing". Since 2006, he has been awarded as the excellent teacher of the school level for many years.

    Motto: more appreciation, more hope of success.