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    Cui Wenhui, mathematics teacher, Department of mathematics, Hebei Normal University

    She has been engaged in mathematics education for nearly ten years. In teaching, he puts people first and studies teaching materials and methods seriously. Treat students patiently and meticulously, try to tap each child's inner potential, and pay attention to each child's physical and mental education. In class, we should pay attention to intensive speaking and more practice, stimulate students' interest in learning, and cultivate students' self-study ability and research ability. In class management, we should pay attention to the cultivation of children's good study habits and behavior habits, and strive to cultivate children into healthy, lively and positive young people.

    In 2008, she was rated as excellent teacher of Shuren school.

    In 2010, she was rated as excellent teacher in Songzhuang town.

    In 2012, the area of triangle was awarded the first prize.

    In 2014, she was rated as excellent head teacher.

    Education motto: let every star shine, and every student find his own shining point.