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Admission Policy


School Profile
    Beijing Shuren-Ribet School was found in 1993, is one of the oldest private schools in Beijing. Shuren has kindergarten, primary school, middle school and high school, enrolling both Chinese and international students. 

    Shuren’s campus is located on the Beijing sub-center Songzhuang artist village, Tongzhou District with the area of 57000 square meters. Shuren regards “personalized education and international development” as its goal and”explore and streamline the Chinese fundamental education” as its mission. Shuren has constantly and deeply integrated the Chinese traditional courses and the international program together, explored international partnerships with mainly North American schools, established an American Shuren Base, and formed a Shuren featured education system. 

Shuren-Ribet has a strong and experienced team of faculty including teachers who have worked here for over 10 years and have won numerous education honors and titles in Beijing and Tongzhou, young teachers who have years of oversea working experience, as well as foreign expert teachers with complete and high qualifications. The outstanding and stable faculty upholds Shuren-Ribet school's teaching concept, “Fill Shuren campus with love”, has high sense of dedication and responsibility, is hard working, and has excellent work ethic. This guarantees the quality of Shuren-Ribet's education.

Study Abroad Programs
In 1995, Shuren started to lead primary and middle school students to go abroad to participate various overseas programs and international exchange activities. Students can participate the annual international summer camp and winter camp, or international short/long term exchanging programs. Shuren has its student accommodation base in California, USA, which allows all Shuren students that attend these programs to live in.

Target of Enrollment
Students who have good learning habits and attitude, from K1 to Grade 12.
1. Kindergarten: Chinese and foreign students from age 3 to 6.
Student number: K1--20, K2-- 25, K3-- 30.
2. Primary School: Chinese and foreign students from age 6 to 13.
Student number: Bilingual Primary School – 30, International Primary School – 20.
3. Middle School: Chinese and foreign students from age 12 to 16.
Student number: Bilingual Middle School – 25, International Middle School – 15.
4. International High School: Chinese and foreign students from age 15 to 20.
Student number: 10-15 each class.

Admission Procedure
1. Contact the Admission Office 010-80856787 to schedule campus visit.
2. Entrance exams:
Kindergarten: Interviews to parents and students.
Primary School: Interview + Test
Middle School: Interview + English Digital Test + Testpaper
High School: Interview + English Digital Test + Testpaper
3. Students who pass the admission procedure will get the enrollment paper in 7 work days.