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Fire Safety
    On Thursday, April 12th the Middle School and High School had a fire drill, along with a fire hose and fire extinguisher demo. Once the students had exited the building after the alarmed had sounded, they lined up on the playground. Mr. Wang and Mr. Guo* led a discussion on the importance of fire safety and then moved on to talk about fire extinguishers. We learnt how they worked, when is the appropriate time to use them, and were then showed how to use them. After the demonstration, we had three high school students volunteer to  test out the extinguishers. Getting a hands-on learning experience is the best way to help the students remember the important information. Once the fire extinguisher demo was over the students when back inside the building where they learnt about the fire hose. Fire safety is a very important topic for students to learn about. We take students safety very seriously, and I am glad they had the opportunity to learn about fire safety.