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Beginning learning online this term was new to many families. 

How does it work on a day-to-day basis?
What and how are students learning? 
How are teachers finding ways to engage and motivate learners?

Take a sneak peek into online classrooms in our international program. What was this week like for the students?

Science class in 3A

    Visiting live Science class in 3A, we see that student participation is at an all-time high. No wonder! 

     They’re learning about space and constellations! Students discover that stars can form constellations, which look like pictures in the sky.

    Leah says that her favorite constellation is Scorpius because her star sign is Scorpio. Students learn that telescopes help us to see stars larger and clearer and draw diagrams of the telescopes.

Language Arts class in 1B

    First-graders are very active in their Language Arts class. Aria from 1B is practicing reading aloud. 

Their homeroom teacher Alena says, 

    “1B students do not forget to have fun and practice their fluency reading skills. They like the challenge! Fast and accurate word reading is suggested to promote a better reading comprehension. It improves automatic word recognition, and, thus, allows readers to focus on meaning. This is exactly what we all like about reading, right? Getting ourselves into an exciting and interesting story is the best! Keep it up, kids! The whole world of the best literature is waiting for you!”

Science class in 5A

        What’s happening in 5A today? Fifth-graders have been exploring the Solar System in their Science class. Space is such a fun topic full of mystery. Students enjoy talking about their favourite planets and sharing fun facts. Nina says her favourite planet is Mars because we could go live there. Katrina’s favourite planet is Earth because it is so beautiful and sustains life.

    After the lesson, some 5A students decide to build replicas of our Solar System. They are very creative and use whatever they can find at home. Kevin uses paper and string to hang his solar system from the roof. Sky uses clay to build planets which he painted beautifully. Zoey surprises us with a very creative idea to use fruits and items around the house that looks like small planets to build her model of the solar system. Do you have a favourite planet? Let us know!

Healthy diet class in 6A

    In class 6A, students are learning about having a healthy diet with Teacher Cheryl in Health and Life Skills. What are some tips to keep a healthy diet?

    One is to make sure you eat a variety of food—you want to provide your body what it needs, from proteins to vitamins and minerals. So it is important to eat different kinds of foods to supply your body with different nutrients. What tip can we give to make sure we have a variety? Teacher’s favorite—make a colorful plate! Green, red, purple, orange, brown! Try to make your meals full of color!! Dark greens like spinach and reds like tomatoes are some of the best.

     To check on our healthy diets, students send pictures of the food they are eating at home. Then, students discuss each other’s choices during a live class. Is there enough protein in this meal? How many colors do you see? Is there too much brown and white? Is there too many carbohydrates? Is there too much salt or sodium?

    Yum! The teacher is happy to see that students are making good choices with food at home and eating vegetables!! How else can you stay healthy? Make sure to exercise! We will be checking each other and keeping each other accountable in 6A.

    What an exciting week in each online classroom! We’re so happy to see students are enthusiastic, comfortable engaging in meaningful discussions, and staying active in their learning!