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The Bees and the Beekeeper


Title:《The Bees and the Beekeeper》
 Reader:Teacher Leigh

The Bees and the Beekeeper

    Once, there was a man who kept many Bees on his farm. His farm had many beehives that contained honeycombs.

    One day, when the Beekeeper was away, a thief crept into his farm and stole all the honeycombs. Most of the Bees had gone to the meadow to collect honey. The thief took out the honeycombs and put them away in his basket. The Bees that were in the beehive did not sting the thief.

    After a few hours, the Beekeeper returned and went to check on the beehives.

    Alas! The beehives were empty “Who could have taken the honeycombs?” he said.

    The Beekeeper was confused and looked around to see if anyone was there By evening, the Bees returned from the pastures and found the Beekeeper near their beehive. The Bees saw there were no honeycombs! So they stung the Beekeeper, fiercely.

    The Beekeeper said to the Bees in anger, “You worthless creatures! You let the man who stole your honeycombs get away with no punishment. I take care of you and you show me your anger!”