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3A have really been embracing this beautiful time of year on campus

    3A have really been embracing this beautiful time of year on campus. With the trees changing colour and losing their leaves, we decided we would make the most of it. We incorporated autumn time into our Arts and Crafts classes twice. The students enjoyed experimenting with different art forms when creating their crafts.

    For our first craft, the students used a mixture of crepe paper and their own drawings to create autumn trees. Students used their scissors to cut leaf shapes from different colour crepe paper and then stick them on their tree trunks. There were many different designs and interpretations of autumn trees!

    In our next craft, students got to use real leaves from the trees on our own magnificent campus! Firstly, the leaves were collected from different areas and different trees on campus. Some were collected from trees that had lost their leaves but they were still green. Others were collected from trees where the leaves had turned orange and brown before they had fallen.

    By collecting different colour leaves, the student’s trees could represent the changing colours of the season. There were also a wide variety of shapes and sizes collected so that not one tree would be the same. Just like in nature! 
    After the leaves were brought to the classroom, the students designed their trunks and branches and began selecting their favourite leaves. Each tree was an individual unique creation!

    Last but not least, we got to take a beautiful class photo with the autumn trees. We love this time of year in 3A!