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Those Things after School Opens in 7A

    For teachers, the days leading up to the first day of school are always a little scary! I check, double-check, and even triple-check to make sure everything my classroom is perfect and that the students have everything they need to be successful for the coming semester! 

    For students, they hurry to complete the homework that was assigned over the vacation. They ponder, “Will the first day be full of work?”, “What have my classmates been up to?” and “I hope I remember to bring everything!”

    No matter what happens, the first day of school always puts me in a fantastic mood! I love hearing about the exciting things my students did over the break. I packed our first day full of fun activities to get everyone excited about leaning and working with each other.

    This year I asked students to put their goals for the semester on the “Shuren Wishing Tree”, I told them I will do my best to help them accomplish their goal.

    On a lighter note, we took time to express ourselves in a class photo shoot!

    Through out the week, the 7A students interview each other and presented the information they learned to the class.

    They worked together to create their own stories with some interesting results!

    They even worked together to find hidden answers one the walls of my classroom!

    Towards the end of the week, we passed out awards from last semester. I am proud of all their accomplishments.

    I am grateful for this year, for a new student and opportunity to help my students exceed expectations.

Mr. Garcia