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Bradley Green
Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University – BA Psych (Hons) 
University of Sunderland - PGCE

Teaching Philosophy

    My teaching style is largely based on principles of cognitivism, where the students are actively involved in the learning process just as the teacher is. Students are asked to reflected upon what they have learned, how they would solve various problems presented to them through the stories we read in Language Arts. Students are also expected to justify why they have answered in this way, why they decided to use this solution to their problem. Students are also encouraged to participate in classroom discussion and present their own ideas and opinions about the content that we are learning about. In doing so, students will hopefully be able to explore and understand how various ideas are connected. As a teacher, I hope to present my content in a manner that allows students to experience this style of learning.

   In terms of morals and values, there a three that I regard to be important in all people confidence, integrity, and curiosity. All these values are innate in all people. In some people, these values are more pronounced than in others. 

Confidence: You should always be willing to take a chance. Even if the thing that you’re trying is something that you’ve never done before. For example, a student standing up in front of a class and giving an answer to their teacher. Some might find this stressful, while others might enjoy the opportunity to show their ability. I believe that in your classroom, you can create an environment where everyone can develop and grow their confidence to the point where the student doesn’t need to feel the stress of trying something new. This can be done, and must be done.

    Integrity: A person always need to act and behave with integrity and honesty. Whenever you do something, afterwards, you should never feel guilty about what you have done. If you feel guilty, there must be a reason, perhaps you weren’t doing your best, or actions put someone else in a worse situation than before. You should hold yourself to the highest standards you can. These standards will vary from person to person. But you should always go to bed at night without regretting anything you have done throughout the day. These behaviours can be implemented in your classroom as well. 

    Curiosity: Curiosity is the best tool for learning. Asking questions, exploring new concepts, absorbing new information, are all wonderful characteristics. There are always new things to learn, and it’s important to maintain and provide opportunities for student’s curiosity to blossom. Teacher have an important role in a student’s level of curiosity and should always ensure that students remain curious and able to ask questions. If a person or students is not curious, learning can be difficult and teaching that student can be challenging, but I think a teacher can figure out a way to make sure that their students are always curious and inquisitive. 

    There is no such thing as a perfect person. Everyone has a massive variety of values, morals, and virtues. As long a person is confident in their ability and confident in their ability to accept new challenges, they will continue to grow in the direction they have determined for themselves or has been determined for them. A person that maintains their integrity will also continue to develop. This will develop their standing among their peers and in their community. It is also important to know that there will always be something that you don’t know. A person should always be eager to learn more about anything, a new language, a new culture, a new friend. 

    Having taught in China since 2014, I have had the opportunity to experience the South (Hong Kong) and North (Shijiazhuang and Beijing) of China. I have worked with a range of students varying from kindergarten students to adult learners. 

    The people I have met in China have always been friendly and accommodating and have made living and working in China much easier. Exploring China’s extensive history and diverse cuisine are just two of the many reasons I enjoy living in China.