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   Hello and welcome to Shuren school!

    My name is Katlego Langa and I graduated from Stellenbosch University specializing in BA Drama and Theatre Studies.

    I’m currently teaching English Drama and English Language Arts. My teaching career began in South Africa where I taught English and facilitated Drama for a little under a year. My passion then took me to Guangdong, south of China where I taught English as a second language for 15 months. This same passion has now brought me to Beijing where I now teach both Drama as well as English Language Arts, a post I have held for half a year now.

    Teaching Drama places me in a very fortunate position in that it is one such subject where lessons are conducted in a workshop style, students are led to answers as opposed to being fed every answer.  This way students can take ownership of their learning. This teaching method is one that best describes my teaching philosophy. I firmly believe that each student is capable of learning when they play a pivotal role in their own learning. They retain a lot more this way too, seeing as learning is thus an active process as opposed to a passive one.

    Teaching in China means that the students I teach all speak English as their second language. This means that different students will have different levels of English comprehension. This challenge presents an opportunity in that it allows me to alter classes to best fit the needs of my students. This means that no two classes will ever be the same, each is exciting with its own differences. It does not allow for complacency, and as such, there is constant growth.

    Teaching at Shuren has been one of the highlights of my career. I have the pleasure of teaching what I love and seeing my students flourish gives me a newfound joy, one that I keep finding every day.